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Keep this week as risk-free as possible. Not sure how to tackle a delicate situation? Just be tactful. Others will eventually be blessed with the right level of insight - and then you will be deeply thanked. Perhaps even rewarded. At work, new ideas blaze a fiery trail. At home, your love life is set for a breakthrough. Indeed, this next week finds many Virgos cosmically charged with a renewed surge of satisfaction.

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Singles may even meet a new love. And for you, no funds means no fun. Soon the cosmos will step in with a emergency back-up plan, but not for a few weeks. So until then, stay frugal. There are many delightful ways to have fun, without breaking the bank. The problem with being different is that not everyone understands you, and most people generally prefer what they know.

This means some Scorpios may feel on the outer for the moment, but trust your instincts anyway. Stay confident in your abilities, and clear in your ambitions. This is a big moment for events, friends, and social power moves!

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If you want to get closer with your BFFs, the stars are aligned. However, if you want to meet significant new contacts that may be able to help you in many ways, be sure to go to mixers.

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As we hit mid-month, the Full Moon will have your heart aflame. You could be working on a beautiful, creative project or even crossing paths with a twin flame.

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If you have been unhappy in love, you may decide to walk away. A major moment in your career has come, Capricorn, so get ready to take steps toward your greatest achievements yet. With the planets ramping up your star appeal, make sure you know exactly where you want to go. You could also be seeing some popularity or recognition coming from a partner, so if you like the idea of being a power couple, make sure the world knows your names.

Mid-October will have your attention shifting to a family or home-related situation. Some of you could be moving or changing your space up, while others may be focused on an important family connection. As the final week of October arrives, your social life will be blowing up your phone. Important events will likely appear, so keep your calendar ready.

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New horizons are calling to you in October, Aquarius, so get ready to open your wings and fly. The early days of the month are pushing you to take risks and learn more about life and the world. Some of you may be working on an important publishing, media, or academic project. Others may want to focus on expanding your mind through spirituality or meditation. Mid-month, your mind is firing off!

A significant communications-related project could be demanding your time.

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The final days of October will have you reaching for the crown. With so much energy in your career sector, achievements are right ahead. If you burn the midnight candle and crush your goals, a promotion, new job, or significant goal could be just around the corner. Your relationships in business, love, or collaboration have been very important recently.

Equality and cooperation are key in partnerships, so be aware of what you give and receive. If your connections are balanced, they will improve. If they are not, you may ask to change them or walk away. Mid-October, money and your income will be your main focus. You could be seeking to add dollars to your pocket book or paying off an important purchase.

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His work harnesses the power of the stars and he is known for his cosmic guidance from the stars regarding celebrities, entertainment lifestyle, as well as trends affecting people all over the entire world. With over a decade of professional experience and clients all over the world, he currently resides in Los Angeles where he works as a professional astrologer, life coach, writer, and producer.

ScopesDaily 4. Kyle received two Bachelor of Arts for Psychology and English from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and integrates these degrees into his growing research of psychology, personality, and the human condition.

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Kyle Thomas. If they could have done anything differently, Marie-Claire says the would have had the guest list and table plan finalised sooner: "Doing the table plan a few days before your wedding is not ideal. He took two days holiday however for him, two days wasn't "quite enough" to get everything done on-time for the day.

Marie-Claire also points out that couples who have shorter engagements may have less time to save - which can mean compromising on certain things. Both Dean and Marie-Claire recommend a 'delayed honeymoon': "We had a mini moon in the South of Ireland and went to a few different places; Wicklow, Kilkenny, Kinsale and Dublin, which gave us time to chill before going back to work. Karen Birney Martin McCarthy, a software developer, doctor Aisling McCarthy, both from Dublin, first met at a house party when they were in sixth year in school.

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